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Yokohama 205 60 14's

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About a year after tracking down some new Yokohama S306's, I finally got round to taking them to the tyreshop for fitting on the front of the eclat.


They replaced the previous Goodyear Eagle NCT 60's, and the Yoko's feel squishy. The previous directness in the steering is gone - I'm not sure I like them that much.


Having said that, it's all very well moaning, but apart from Falken, there aren't any "brand name" tyres available any more. I haven't had a chance to barrel into corners with them yet to see how they grip, but they definately feel different to the NCT's in normal driving.


The ones that came off will go on the 521 in order to get an MOT, as the ones that came with it are cracked. I picked up a pair of Bridgestones last week, and will either use them to make up a 4, or the newish set of Champiro 60's that I took off the eclat last year.


Dan donated a pair of Kumho road legal track tyres for some beer, and I'll be trying them on the back when the weather warms up a bit as I think they will be pants when cold.


Has anyone else noticed that Yoko S306's feel a bit soft and wobbly compared with other brands?

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