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Differential Oil

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I would like to know what oil fits best for our differential...


Lotus recommends an 90 EP Oil but I think this is a old statement from the late 70'.

Has anyone tryied a modern synthetic Oil API GL 5 and when yes in what viscosity?


Please share our experiences with me.


Many thanks.



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I use EP 80W/90 GL4...


nothing much to offer... it's oil, and its made for diffs - it seems to be fine.


One tip though, I have a short rubber fuel tube permanantly attached tightly to the top vent using a jubilee clip. The pipe is ordinarily tucked up on top of the diff. When I want to top up the diff, I pull down the pipe and use a pump oil can and push the nozzle of the can tightly into the pipe, then I can pump the oil from the can into the diff with the car on ramps. It makes things much easier...

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