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P1420 CODE

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I've got a CEL as well as an ABS light on my 2000 esprit. I've read through some of teh posts on the ABS but the CEL is a mystery. The only code coming up on my scanner is P1420 which is a "manufacturer specific powertrain code." Can anyone help with what this means. Thanks.


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check your generator !!


..*Batery voltage above specced level*   --the ABS controler sees it, and the engine computer too was there something that needs repair  ..have you worked on the generator [regulator]  ?


..can you feel notable temperature increase on the battery mains

you can find it in the workshop-manual, so why havent you downloaded it by now you have at least two V8 in your fleet

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Thanks Gunter. Ran the battery test and yes, meter showing some spikes at 16V and 19V. Can it be anything else than a faulty alternator? The problem manifested itself once I changed then battery. Before that all was good.


Also, I have the service notes manual (has sections like BL, ML, etc) but no workshop manual. From where can I download one?


And thanks for your tips on the rear main seal leak, I've updated that topic with what I did to prevent the leak, which is along the lines of what you suggested.


I owe you a few cold ones.

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Service-notes manual is the same sentence as 'Workshop-manual'   ..just this document where all sectuions of the Esprit '93 on (S4/S4s/V8) is documented in  .. in the *pdf file there even is the benefit of having a parts-list in it for the older cars as well.


the moderators & Bbs don't like the (illegal) pdf-file, but google will help you, just use the Term

*Ricks cars manuals* to find the right page (should be right on top there, think it is a usefull page ..and mention, it's not my page!!) for the voltage peak:

if you have reconnected your battery in a wrong way on first try, it could have caused some damage there in the system, that's what I would think of it until you not plan to run your car with a max. of around 1500rpm from now on (to pevent it from any more damage in the ECM and injector/ignition drivers)  -I would say give the alternator to a repair shop as soon as possible. can even undo the alternator on your own at home -with some axle stands and a good car jack that lifts high up (advice is in here in many ways in the board)    -and you will find UK/US parts-reference for suitable (cheaper) replacement alternators from other cars in the section *V8-parts crossreference*

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