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Stainless Manifold - another 10 off group buy.

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Thanks Dave/Mark..


WOOT! Tracking info says will be here today, 05/13/2013. DAYUM that is fast considering it shipped from UK to Texas on 05/09/2013!!


Taking day off from office Thursday since having my office repainted so will install then

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Dave, yes, please send info on fitting, it just arrived today!

OK, looked at all the parts and such.. and while it seems straight forward, removed old manifold, install new, etc. would be great if someone could provide hints, tips, etc. on:


1. Removing the old manifold


2. The adjustable brace with ball joint ends, how tight should it be wound out?


3. the two braces on the manifld which each have two thin pieces of SS attached with bolts, purpose? They connect the two pieces which slip joint together though would seem they would not let the slip joint "slip"...


4. Torque on new exhaust studs and nuts (both to block and turbo) ?


Any other hints or tips appreciated!

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Kenny, I have just fitted mine, I posted some tips on the thread "told you so"

In summary :-

Before you start........

1. The pipes rotate in the collector so you need to align them before you fit. Bolt the new manifold to the old one to ensure alignment.

Do not panic too much as most of the alignment needs to done on the car.

2. Remove or push to one side the turbo.

3. It helped me to remove the engine mount and raise the engine by about 1 inch

4. Pull the hand brake cable back out of the way, helps getting manifold in place.

5. Remove the heat shields, all of them.

Getting manifold in place......

1. Push the turbo flange end of the manifold up past the exhaust flange then guide the other end into place.

2. It's more than possible that all studs will not align, start with one end, closest to the timing pulleys, get the nut on the last stud, even if it's just one or two threads.

3. Work alone the top row guiding the flange on each port into position, I needed to use a strap just to align the flange.

4. Fit all nuts and loosely tighten.

5. Follow changes instructions re tightening diagonally, nip up, then tighten, do not over do it.

6. Once you have fitted everything else back on run engine on tick over only then let it cool, re tighten nuts, I suggest that after 100 miles the nuts should be checked and tightened as necessary.

I think that's it, simples.........

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Thanks Dave!


Are the connecting "straps" which connect the joints together (slip joints), left attached after full install? Only asking  as it seems odd to have slip joints which are not allowed to slip due to those straps.. Make sense?

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Do not remove these, they need to stay on otherwise you could pull the turbo off. It does work .....honest.

The straps expand and contract.

Have fun.....

Oh, check the studs, you may need a washer under each of the nuts, depends how much thread is showing, also no need for locking tabs as the supplied nuts will grip, just keep an eye on them.

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Dave, confused by your statement:


"The pipes rotate in the collector so you need to align them before you fit. Bolt the new manifold to the old one to ensure alignment."


Are you referring to where the Alunox manifold bolts to the engine? If so confused as where the flanges are on the manifold they are welded to the pipes and thus cannot rotate...

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Hi mate, there is a degree of flexibility in the pipes, the straps on the slip joint allow a degree twisting, leave the straps on and flex the pipes to fit, when made the flanges are aligned, but as the manifold gets handled and shipped they move slightly.

Just offer up the new header to the old to ensure everything is aligned, fit manifold align first stud, get a nut on and the work backward to the turbo, flexing the flanges as you go. I found one pipe did not align, I used a compression strap to pull it over by about 3 mm.

Hope that's clear.

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Howdy Dave and thanks all y'all for the assistance..




Youll hear me WOOT! after install all the way from Texas hopefuly this Thursday!


Well after many, many hours install not gonna happen by me.. too many nuts with no room to remove them. Dropping off at local Lotus shop next Tuesday for them to do the hard stuff...

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Engine out?, I was lucky that the studs were new, car is garaged, so no rusty nuts. Hope it all goes well.


Hirohito, yes I will add you to the list,

All, we will give it another few weeks then I will get back to Leon to see what discounts we can get.


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Engine out? no.. though not listed in any of the prior maintenance nuts don't look to be original as they are sized slightly different than OEM and due to that simply no clearance...

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Had cat on so my initial impression wouldnt be tainted by having the shop put the test pipe on while they had the caricon1.png for the manifold install which allowed me immediate drive before and after with the cat and the new manifold.



I immediately noticed MUCH improved breathing, reduced lag, etc. was well worth it... i.e. able to separate out to feel improvements or not of just the new manifold. At 2000-2500 in second and floor it it easily breaks traction and same in third gear as well. Very much more smooth delivery.



Tonight removed the cat and put the test pipe in (had it on in the past but had the cat on a month or so ago to get emissions tested).

NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT! Got the cat removed today and went for a spin.. YEAH! 

thumpsup.gif coolnana.gif banana.gif banana2.gif 3gears.gif bow.gif clap.gif eyecrazy.gif twisted.gif cool.gif

Combination of the two, performance maniflold and no cat, is in a word awesome!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have just sent Leon at Alunox an email to confirm the price of a new batch of manifolds based on the number within this thread, I will chase it up tomorrow. I am am unsure at the minute just how much discount from the retail price I can get as we do not have the 10 off requirement needed. Let's see how we get on.

Will get back ASAP.


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Leon has come back to me........

Count so far

1. Hiroki

2. Steven D

3. Dave Byrne

4. Andrew Kinmond

5. Ulrik Beock

6. Chris

We still need another 5 to get the discount, call your friends to see who else wants one.

For 10 or more the price is £1000 plus vat and delivery, less than 10 its £1150 plus vat and delivery. One offs may be more expensive.

Any thoughts guys, £150 reduction is not much for waiting for 4 or 5 others to join.

Once I have some thoughts I will re contact Leon.

Edited by Dave Freeman
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Hi Guys, the Charge Cooler group buy is still running but as you know we need 20. I've spoken with Leon and if your part of this Manifold group buy and can't wait for charge cooler to reach 20 , he will discount the one off Charge Cooler price to £800 + VAT.

       Would anyone be interested in adding the stainless steel exhaust with cat bypass to the manifold making a full system group buy, if I ask the question ?



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Mark, I need clarification, are we saying that either exhaust, manifold or charge cooler could cout to a total group buy.

Leon needs to detail this out or members will get somewhat hacked off not being able to purchase / wait ages for the numbers to rise.

Those who are happy to proceed with the manifold group buy need to confirm by the end of June, I will then advise Leon and get best price, pm me with your committement to purchase please.

Mark, pm me to discuss, I'll give u my number.


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looks nice.  I would be interested in a single exit exhaust with manifold

would both items then be at the group buy price?

just curious, why is this topic in the engine forum? fortunately I saw a recent update and found it, after searching in the exhaust forum with puzzled frown

Edited by ragingfool35



just because I don't CARE doesn't mean I don't UNDERDSTAND

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