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P0462 need advise

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Sorry to bring up the subject again, I am trying to diagnose a friends V8.

The ecu has just been upgraded by PNM and since re installing he has the MIL light on.

On reading the codes it comes up with P0462. Having read the previous posts I assumed it was the fuel level sensor as the car is a 96 and the software in the ecu it comes up with RACE02 04-11-2002 15:35.

I have installed a 100ohm resistor between the pin16 and ground but the MIL will not reset.

I was surprised to see the green and black wire on pin16 of the ecu plug if the fuel sensor is not fitted.

I have checked and double checked my workmanship with the mod and it all give the expected reading on the multimeter, so I am more than confident that pin 16 is now seeing 100ohms.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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so you have done what Marcus told there once ?



..thing is, I can't see a connection between ECM and the 'fuel-level sender' this typical VDO tube-sender only feeds the instrumentation, based on the wiring plans ..even on he *V8 introduction* cars.  From my point of view there is no sence in it to tell the ECM what amount of fuel is left in the fuel-tank :D




there is a thing called 'feul-pressure sensor' noted in the wiring plans, but I have never seen this in my car, and all I know is that for Evaporation control requirements some cars in specific markets/ years have a sensor additionall in the RH fueltank next to the fuel pump (this port is 'blind' on my arrangement, as per factory) not sure what is actually meaned 'pressure' or 'level'  ..and if fuel-pressure is meant, this pressure sensed is the pressure in the tank, but the pressure actualy in the rail is not exactly the same again, not sure why it is named like this  in the workshop-book


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Yes that is the procedure that I have done to Pin 16.


I agree, I cannot see why you would want fuel level in the ECU unless it is to feed information to the fuel gauge or to work out the fuel consumption or range. However neither of these are used on the Esprit so not sure why..


I have not checked the fuel tank so not sure where the green and black wire from pin 16 goes, but testing it with a multimeter is showing infinite resistance to earth (0V). so I suspect it terminates in the loom somewhere.

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