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Dellorto 45's and Manifold


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Hey guys,


Unfortunately, I have had to sell my S1 Esprit project car. I have a leftover set of Dellorto DHLA 45 carbs with intake manifold. I was just hoping that maybe some of you Esprit experts could shed some light on the value of these for me?





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The carbs are worth way more than the manifold, I sold a pair of 45's on eBay last year and got about £280, I sold them as needing a service and un-verified as they had been off the car for a good number of years. They ended up with some guy in Sweden.


Stick them on there for a starting bid of £100 and see where it goes, it's probably your best bet.


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   You should have no problem selling these on eBay in the U.S.   Let the market speak.  They always fetch healthy prices, as demand is moderate but supply is scarce.   Together on the manifold as in the pictures, you should get at least $600;  if you're lucky, $1000 or more. 


   If you can verify that they work properly, you will get more.  If you can list the jet/air corrector/emulsion tube numbers and they are good for a 907, that will help.  Whether the carbs can be verified as functioning or need rebuilding is important.  The price of bits and parts can add up if they need rebuilding, parts are wrong or missing, jets need to be changed, etc.


  These carbs are easily and infinitely rebuildable, with two caveats:  1)  The the thread in the towers for the mixture screws (closest to the manifold) strips easily, requiring machining/helicoil etc., to fix them -- they have to be precise because the valve is a needle;  and 2)  If they are really worn or the butterfly shaft is bent, they can suck air through the sides.   Neither of these things are terminal, but both require a lot of work beyond basic rebuilding, and you will get a better price if you can demonstrate that the carbs are in fine working order.


   Also, are they a matched pair?   The numbers on the tags and the serial numbers on the bodies should be very close.


   Dellortos are among the few things where the UK market values translate similarly to the U.S. values;   Jeremy essentially got $450 for a pair of unverified, needing rebuilding carbs;  manifolds go for $100-$150 whether you buy them in the UK or US.


    My estimate for your set of manifold with carbs would be low $600;  avg $800;  high $1000.


If no one will give you $600, PM me and I will.





Tony K.

Tony K. :)


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Andrew just sold 238h, I believe that was the yellow car you were chasing in San Diego 4 or 5 years ago that you could not get an agreement on price after flying in to buy it......


Small world....



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