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Window Lift - Ship in a Bottle

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I'm sure many readers have seen examples of a sailing vessel, a ship, built inside of a glass bottle and wonder how is that done?

Well, I'm feeling the same way about the window lift mechanism inside the passenger door of a V8 model. If the door panel is removed, there are two small openings in the door shell where one can catch a glimpse of the lift frame mechanism; but not the motor. It's snug behind the panel and can only be felt, assuming you know where to probe.

The point here is my window does not work. Most of the time... And I finally bored two 1 1/2 inch holes in the panel so I could remove the motor. That's been done and I also took the opportunity to degrease the rails and regreased the rails with a far less sticky product and replaced the tattered window frame seal. The window moves much more freely now and I wish to reinstall the motor but cannot get it to fit back into place. As you can imagine the motor shaft is a screw which apparently drives the lift sprocket up or down depending on the direction of twist and I'm thinking I need to somehow "thread" the screw into the sprocket gear teeth.

The reinstall is completely by feel for the motor is and the lift mount are entirely obscured by the door panel and I'm wondering how did the original assemblers get the lift rails and motor in the door in the first place... There are no large openings in the panel, no seams where it might betaken apart... It's like the ship in a bottle mystery to me... How did they do that?

Any help or direction greatly appreciated.

Pictures provided on request.


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I had to fix one of my doors as the window regulator had started to damage the door. The regulator can be removed in one piece by detaching it from the window and the door mounts and then juggling it out through the rearward of the two holes in the door.

Unless it is vastly different to the regulators in my S4.

May not look like it fits, but it does.


Post up a picture of your window motor for us. That will help. :)

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Yes! That was far easier than I imagined. The service guide is pretty clear on the process. The only thing, which I suppose is rather obvious, is to lower the glass so the window guides can be slipped out of the retention rail. Then as ramjet said, a little juggling, twisting, turning and gently bending, it pops right out. It also, helps, but may not be necessary, to remove the door opening latch from the inside panel causing the articulating rods to be lowered out the way.

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