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s3 headlamps not functioning

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Hello friends


i need advise regarding both pods which are not comming up and the beam/lights also dont come on, although parking lights in the front bumper comes on......upon activating the high beam....i can hear a click from the relays and the high beams come on. This is not a recent event although if i am not imagining  once or twice i wiggled the light switch and they came on....also whilst driving while the light switch in the dash was in on position..they popped up like couple of dolphins out of the ocean


now nothing works......(wiggling, reinserting the relays,)   is the light switch wich feel wobblish worn out or the relays...if so where to best order or find these components........the lights go down from a munually set position(if i twist the moters with hands)


Any input would be of great help and knowledge




(i did see alot of material about the lights and pods but more knowledge is more power)

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Goher, yours sounds like a bad connection rather than blown fuse. Check the major earth connection in the front compartment that is bolted through to the chassis front cross member.


My car has an in line fuse in the front compartment about 12 inches from where the wiring loom emerges from under the heater cover.

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If the main beam "flash" works  when you pull the stalk towards you but the dipped beam doesn't work at all with the switch I would suggest checking out the light switch internals, the plastic pins inside the switch that push to make the contacts get distorted ever so slightly by heat over time. You can pick up similar Lucas switches on eBay and use them as donor to fix your switch (that's what I did)


BTW I've got an in line fuse at the same point as Simon describes so I'd guess that's a standard fit/location.

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Switches are from TR7 IIRC



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Change the switch - mine was doing lights up but no lights for a bit - changed the switch and all good... also worth cleaning up the terminals on any switches with contact cleaner  - they can get pretty corroded... 

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Thank you so very much, the wonderfull Lotus community....i will forward these very helpfull suggestions to my friend Allen (ex US army ordinance specialist turned enthusiast classic car fixer) as soon as he comes up with a diagnosis and method of fixing....I will be obliged to promptly post the outcome.......Thanks again.......This week perhaps ( he always uses the posted advise from you folks as a guide)

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Hi, I have a problem with mine too.  Pods operste and lights too but if i flash the lights the fuse blows on the pods.  Any ideas anyone?

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