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EBPV relay getting really warm

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I have noticed that my EBPV relay is getting warmer than I think it should be. The EBPV has been removed as well as the throttle jack capsule. I also removed and blanked off the vacuum hose that was going to both of those relays. I noticed it was getting warm before I removed the vacuum line. I have also tapped into that relay 12v input to control the relay for my electric chargecooler pump. I am not using it to power the pump, just the relay. I followed the advice of this How To (

) that shows Dermont using that wire for the relay so I don't think that is the cause for it getting warm. But, I had not checked it before hand so I don't know if it was getting warm before I installed the electric chargecooler pump or not.


Does anyone know if this should be getting warm or not? Would there be a problem (codes, check engine light etc) if I just unplug this relay?


Here is a pict to show the relay I am referring to.




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That is the solenoid, not the relay. When the car is running, at normal operating temp, that solenoid will be active. All solenoids will generate heat due to the resistance in the coil. The relay is a separate module btw.

I use the actual ebpv circuit to power my 8A pump, using the ebpv connector, relay, and 10A fuse without problem. I did not add a second relay. I just disconnected the ebpv solenoid.

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Since you have removed the EBPV then you can safely unplug that solenoid and the one just to its left, they are no longer needed.  The relay that drives them must remain in circuit, however.

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