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Koenigsegg - Lotus cooperation (Evora parts)?

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Today at another place in GB I saw a link related to the Shanghai motor show. Seeing the Koenigsegg Agera I wondered if they use parts of the Evora ???- esp front lights, front fenders, roof (see the view from above on their homepage), windscreen (also the main parts of the int / curve of the door / dashboard) look like Evora parts.


We have read about the cooperation spyker / Lotus (which I first confused with Koenigsegg...) but does anybody know about a cooperation koenigsegg / Lotus?

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Koenigsegg uses bespoke parts that are designed by them for their use only, however some parts are made in the UK, notably the carbon tub and the base engine block i believe.


You should watch their Drive series on!

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First: Thanks to jimmybondi - that you give me the opportunity to enlarge my "Acronym account"


Second: Thanks to the "AcronymFinder" :w00t:

TTIWWP stands for This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures. This definition appears very rarely.

Third (as requested):




Esp. the layout of the windscreen (like a "visor") is similar in my eyes - well I think all the visor-style windscreens go back to the lancia stratos or some racing cars from the 60ies.





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You're welcome :)


Yes, headlights do look similar, there also some other styling clues. Nowadays it is impossible to present a design which hasn't been around before, I guess...


Koenigsegg use bespoke parts, right - but I don't think it would hurt their status much to grab some readymade parts.



PS: while it is a nice design work, it is not as refined as the lines of an Evora. But I am biased...



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