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Freescan code 44

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Greetings O knowledgable ones,

On Saturday we were in the way to Donnington and all was fine for the first 100 miles. Then the engine started getting lumpy when the pedal was applied. It got progressively worse and we decided to about turn and head for the services.

On applying the freescan I have been presented with error 44 and it suggests there is a lean mix on the exhaust. Tbh I think it's rich not lean, but....

A) would a failing O2 sensor give this kind of lumpiness ?

B) does it mean the O2 sensor that is near the turbo?

Thanks as ever in advance


Twitter @radioRedwards

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A. Yes the O2 sensor could cause a running problem like that. Basically the ECU is getting a signal that makes it think the engine is running lean, so its trying to compensate by adding more fuel.

It may or may not be lean, you should log some data on freescan or espritmon and send it to me.

Also you should check the wiring.

B. Yes that is the O2 sensor in the exhaust pipe right next to the turbo.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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While'st running Espritmon today to determine which ABS sensor is kaput I also noticed a code 44 in the log.  My O2 sensor is less than a year old and the value of the O2 sensor doesn't drop below 0.5 as recommended.  Could there be another reason for a code 44 or is it just the O2 sensor?   Car runs fine.

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I'll give it a clean, however this is the Delco sensor, which I know after reading more is not as reliable as the OEM part, so I will run another test to see what the values are.

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