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Weighty Principles


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A feature that made the Elise a delight on sight for me was the use of aluminium extrusions for the hinges and for the throttle. An elegant lightweight blend of form and function.


In contrast, one thing that has disappointed me about the Evora since I discovered it while fitting the Radium CAI, and which has annoyed me ever since, is the hefty weight of the tube supporting the forward edge of the engine cover.  Previously I’d assumed it to be structural, but finding the tiny bolts that fasten it - just one at one end - showed it not to be.  Of course it is trivial with regard to the overall weight - 0.61 Kg in fact - but it is not a mutation of the Lotus DNA that I find acceptable. The same point could be made about the bits of Elise, but there is a principle in play.


So I’ve replaced mine, using a tube made of copper. (Perfect for plumbing, too.) The same end fastenings but far smaller cover location lugs.  It’s well under half the weight at 0.26 Kg. Not quite as robust perhaps, but adequate and entirely fitting for supporting an engine cover saying "Lotus Performance".


Now that cover is fairly heavy too ...............



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Raf, perhaps I may not have made my point clearly enough! Consider the situation if your poo was bolted in! Or perhaps better not...........


Enjoy getting back with your car, whether with or without!


But anyway, mine is a 2+0 (no heavy rear seat belts!) and without the tech pack, and after losing circa 15lbs with the Sports silencer and 5 with the Radium I'm also considering replacing the battery with a lighter one.  Standard weighs 37 lbs!  I just don't need to start up after a night outside at minus 10.  Even in the standard range it seems possible to save a third of that.  Then there's wheels - from memory on another thread I calculated an acceleration equivalent saving of 37 lbs, from memory. (PB Racing wheels I think.)  And perhaps the grill to replace the rear window........... I may need ballast at some point.

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Mel, get a Shorai battery - 4.96lbs, 36ah battery with 540CCA.   A few owners have run with them long term with no issues.

Alternatively if  you need more reserve power you can buy two and parallel them for 72AH (equivalent to the stock lead acid rating) and over 1000 CCA at your disposal.    


I assume the rear louvres will save you at least another 25 lbs.   I have one made of GRP and it's really light but imagine CF one would be even lighter!

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Scott, thank you for that - very interesting re Shorai.  Apart from the jocularity above, the battery is a serious prospect. Even just switching the E43 for the B18 or C6.   At the moment I'm focusing at seeing whether the Radium might be improved a little at the top end, in a simple way. Going along to TDI again tomorrow and will report, either way.  So I had only got as far discovering Shorai, and need to know a lot more - don't want Boeing type issues, or insurance problems.  There is also something else costing close to £1K but that's going too far IMO.  I'd like to know more re your rear louvres too, but one thing at a time.


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