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Hello, I've been removing various parts to reroute the SAI and EGR plumbing in

preparation for a BOV install and have managed to remove the hard airline (SAI),

EGR pipe and right side compression intake duct (from turbo). It's been easier

than I imagined; just the typical Lotus cramped work area where you have to

fiddle things out and be flexible with the tool arrangements, extensions, wrench

type, etc...

I'm stuck with the left side turbo duct. I believe there is a single bolt,

attaching the EGR mounting bracket and the turbo duct to the engine block, and I

also believe that bolt to be a 6mm hex head; although I had to use a little

mustard (small hammer) getting the hex wrench inserted into the head. I tried to

twist the bolt, standard anti-clockwise (lefty loosey, righty tighty) and its

not going anywhere. No budge; I used a small breaker pipe, about 12", and turned

harder... No give. I fear I'm either going to snap off the bolt head or break

the wrench... Am I going at this bolt correctly? Is it the right one? I know,

obscure question; but I'm thinking someone here has removed this item before and

may have a tip.

Maybe a bit of heat? No visible rust or corrosion



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I believe I have it off... now to slip in the T-Pipes and BOV's.

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