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Uprated Charge Cooler from Alunox

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Hi Ian,

             This one fits under my cover without having to modify it, but my car is a 1990 SE. Not sure if the later cover is different. There is an increase in performance but by how much I couldn’t say exactly but you can feel the difference.

I’m hoping to get some figures out of my car as I’m changing the ECU at the moment.  Once I’m back up and running I will post some data. It works well with Alunox manifold but it would enhance a car with the standard set-up as well.

Trying to isolate the increase due to the charge cooler alone would be difficult, the principle that lowering the temperature of our charge makes it denser and therefore gives us a bigger bang in the combustion chamber is pretty well established.

May be some feedback off some of the ones out there might help.

Mark K

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1 degree off the intake temp is worth 1.5bhp iirc. :)

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Hi, Am very interest in buying one of these charge cooler. I have spoken to Leon a few day ago and he is waiting for the order. Could anybody tell me how many people are on board now to buy one and when the order is likely to be placed. I am new to this forum hope I have got it right.Thanks Dave.

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Hi Guys,

              Just an update on this, the existing offer.... we said

The price is now £550 + VAT for a GB of 10 or more.

1) Kenny West

2) Ian Armstrong

3) Jan Pettersen

Hope you guys are still in , Alunox are flat out on the radiator set group buy, and as it happens they are also producing all 10 of these charge coolers as part of the production run so they will be on the shelf very soon. 


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Thanks for the update. Due to bloody oil price, the total in Norwegian Kroner is now up 35%. Grrrrrrrr

But what the hell, count me in (only live once)

Not an expert in Math, but we are still quite a bit from 10??


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To be honest, I've lost faith with the group-buy system, given the serious delays in producing the goods. There is still no sign of the new rad-pack, and whilst I'm sure that everyone who puts their name down as being interested is keen to have a new charge-cooler, without a decent deposit being made with each expression of interest then I fear this could end up being the same. Just so we're clear, there's nothing wrong with the Alunox products, far from it, it's the group buy system that I have an issue with. It relies on goodwill, and that's not enough where substantial amounts of money are concerned, and I have voiced these concerns previously.

So, for the present time at least, 'I'm out', and I shall wait and see how everyone else gets on with this.

Margate Exotics.

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