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Rob C


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WELL IT HAPPENED TO ME.  Just to put you all in the picture.

My Sport 350 is very modified including the ECM as Lotus call the magic box of tricks made by EFI.


One day all is well the next No start Up... first clue No Fuel Pump sound .....priming the fuel rails.

I was a qualified Auto Spark (now retired petrol head)......I spent many hours doing lots of tests and a good few actually making circuits come to life, with out the ECM connected. I have of course the work shop manual.


I was then certain the ECM was at fault. I found out that Lotus them selves had been sending there ECM's to a company called "Blue Streak" in Nottingham.


My ECM was Modified in 2005... by my friend Johan in the USA


So I packed the unit off to them to have a look.... within a few hours from them receiving it, I had a call.

The Unit would not talk... possible issue with my Two Modified Chips fitted on the board into 2 Empron sockets.


They removed my chips and soldered them onto the board direct ... Still the Unit would not work, basically I was told every time they tried to enter the data it was unstable and kept changing.

    Bearing in mind last time I was in a technical class room was a long time ago, circuit boards then had print (copper tracks) on both sided of the insulating mica board.


The Lotus EFI unit is also very old, but it Is Many layers deep of copper circuit tracks. this is the area that had Failed.


I was left trying to find a Second hand ECM unit as Blue Streak had none.


Two Salvage yards have two V8's, neither would sell the ECM as they wanted to sell the Engine/Box and ECM as one.  They would  have wanted serious money !


Blue Streak, Came to the Rescue... ringing me about a week later.     They had managed to build me an ECM from parts they found gathering dust.   This new ECM has the 2 chips soldered directly onto the Board with the Specific data from my old Chips.  Out Standing Customer Service, I had the New  & old unit within 12 hours from that call.   even the postage cost was cheaper than the Po st office

It was very good value for Money...  I would recommend them 110%... Noting  Modified  as Well.

with a 12 Month Warranty.


Next week I will be out testing my Toy after many up dates, Should be at Castle Combe for Club Lotus Day 25th.    Imagine what 18 PSI feels like, in First Gear. it did that, last cold December just for a moment, Scary Stuff

[email protected] or 07976 609881

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I'm glad you were able to get it all solved. I was going to suggest using a standalone ECM next... However, 18 psi in fist.. it's hilarious. As is 18 psi in second.. and if the pavement is cold.. 18 psi in 3rd is almost as entertaining. however.. 18 psi in 4th on cold wet pavement.. that's down-right terrifying.

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Modifying esprit's.. now that's fun..

PS... I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.. I Have chosen to help those in need, in the past and must not be construed as being a certified technician.

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