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Hi ,

I've bought two 104 green dot pulleys from SJ, these are not original Lotus pulleys so they came with only one side marked and with a yellow and a white dot on a side.

So, I think the correct way to timing is to allign the two yellow dot on IN-EX side as there is not the opposite mark on the other side and there is not the raised bump on any side.

What the sense of the white marks seeing that the pulley can not be inverted?

Does anyone have fitted the SJ pulleys so I can be sure about that?

I will check obviously the piston N.1 position but I'd like to have some feedback on them .




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Compare the new pulleys with the old ones...make sure the woodruff key slots are aligned...then you can see which dots are for what!! If you have the old ones laying flat on a piece of paper and mark the paper where the timing dot is, then align the new pulley by laying it on top if the old one and getting the woodruff keyways aligned, then the thing should become clear!! Have fun, chum (!) 

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