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OBDLink MX works great, ScanGuage II does not work at all. - ECU/OBDII - The Lotus Forums Jump to content

OBDLink MX works great, ScanGuage II does not work at all.

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I was looking for a device to connect to the OBDII port(s) to get more real-time data as well as error code information for engine lights.


I first tried the ScanGuage II, and while the company is great and helpful and even sent me a replacement device and cable "just in case", I was never able to get it working. My mechanic tried as well and wrote this:


“I also think I have figured out the Scangauge problem and unfortunately it doesn't look like there is a way to make it work. I was unable to get the OBD2 port to work with the Scangauge or my generic OBD2 scanner. I noticed on my scanner it tries to connect using ISO9141 but it times-out. My Snap-On MODIS scanner does connect but it takes almost 15 seconds to do it. I did some research and although I did not find any information on the Esprit specifically apparently this problem affects the pre 2008 Elise as well. I think the device isn’t waiting long enough for the car to reply and so it skips the protocol and moves on to the next or assumes it failed.”


I had heard about the OBDLink MX as being the best on the market, and decided to give it a try


Here is my review on Amazon but I'll re-post it here just in case.


"Ironically my 2002 Lotus Esprit has TWO OBDII ports, one in the front passenger foot well, and the other in the boot by the battery. Unfortunately, Lotus is very finicky and NOTHING that I have found thus far, such as the ScanGuage II or other generic OBDII readers works with it. I plugged this into the rear port (since the one under the seat is hanging on by a couple wires (they're kind of jenky built). Pushed the button and connected it to my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Then I fired up the OBDLink software that you get from Google's Play store (for free) and was REALLY impressed by the polish of it. After configuring it to use ISO9141, I was getting readings and seeing error codes and all kinds of data!!!! I'm elated! Realizing that the tablet is way too big to mount to the windshield, I decided I'd try the same process with my HTC Evo 4G phone. Same thing, worked like a champ (meaning I can pair the OBDLink MX to at least TWO devices or more). AWESOME!

Two things to note are that this has an auto-off mode so that it will not drain your battery, yet you can basically leave it connected and forget about it. The other is that it is way faster at sending data than the generic ones or any other one that I'm aware of for that matter. So your readings on the virtual guages should be much more real-time.

I fired up Dash Commander and Torque from the market and both worked excellent as well. DC seems way more powerful than I need, but it also has the nicest default interface for the guages. The other two require a bit more pre-customizing work.

I haven't tried the included CD for PC yet, but the program looks great from the screen shots I've seen.



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There's a topic pinned at the top of this section of the forum, try that - you could have had it all and hassle free, plus the software is free too :D

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There's also a few recommendations on OBD2 connectors that work (about $20 on Amazon)

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I have the Amazon one that is recommended on the other thread and it works great not only on my Lotus but also on my Lincoln.  I used the V8 software for the Lotus and the software that came with the cable for the Lincoln.  Both Windows 7 and XP work for me.

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