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Lights finaly working

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Hey Everyone,


So over the weekend I decided it was time to tackle a mysterious burned out high beam on my federal Series 1 Esprit.


- Started by trying all the lights, left side high beam and after-market fog lights don't work.

- Fixed the after-market fog lights, one loose spade connector on a relay. Easy fix.

- Pulled the bulb, wasn't connect, reconnect still no go, checked bulb with meter is good.

- Took the bonnet off to get at the wiring.

- The left high beam positive and ground wires are hooked together and to nothing else.

- Fixed the positive and ground so they are hooked up properly.

- Check all the lights work, yay success!

- Verify that the pods pop up when flashing the high beams. Doesn't work.

- Investigate the wires, some DPO has removed all of the high beam flashing wiring so the pods will not lift when you flash the highbeams! I've decided to leave it that way for now.

- Disassembled the pod lift motor assembly as the pods had a good 10degrees of play. Tightened everything up and they now operate smoothly.

- Put the hood back on close everything up.

- Test everything thing, left high beam doesn't work again! Slam the door, light comes on!

- Rummaged through all the connectors and narrow it down to a single oxidized bullet connector, cut and replaced, success!


Did I mention the duct tape! There is so much duct tape on the wiring of this car, I swear I want to cry every-time I find more and there is definitely more in there! sigh. 


At least my lights all work now = )







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