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Taillight Wiring Photo for 84?

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Does anyone out there have a good photo of one of the sides of their taillight wiring?  I'm not sure why I skimped on the photos of this area, but I'm putting mine back together and the wiring diagram doesn't match up to my car.  It's an 84 Federal car.  For example, I have a connector with two sets of red/black wiring on each side, and none of the 6 diagrams I've run across show anything along those lines.  I have some fuzzy pictures, but nothing that's real helpful (half my sockets were dangling out of the housing when I got the car too, so it seems like someone was getting curious at the time, or looking for bulbs at least..




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I asked the same question a while ago with exactly the same issues. Its seems that the wiring diagram and what you think should light up is open to interpretation. I found the original diagram didn't light up the lamps I thought should based on their size. 

I just trial an errored till I was happy. The red/black are the + and earth. The earth wire isn't shown on the diagrams but you can see them jumping from bulb socket to bulb socket in a serial chain. 

Hope it helps



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