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Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust with Cat Bypass From Alunox

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Well the final piece to make the full system. This section completes the exhaust from the turbo back. It has been designed for balance and flow as well as offering a number of selectable characteristics to suit.


The system is constructed of high quality stainless steel with a flexible coupling to eliminate vibration and resonance. The downpipe section is removable mounted on a pair of V band clamps unique to Alunox which allow for a quick interchange with a catalytic converter if required.


The size of the rear silencers can be chosen when ordering to set the noise level.The ones shown run at 98 db @ 4500rpm. The system is also available in 3” diameter tube for high powered cars.

And finally the tail pipe style is also optional.


Fitting is straight forward using the rubber mounts as per the standard system.


Driving Experience


The first thing you will notice is the noise ,but also my car has become much more responsive picking up better at low revs while punching harder after 4000rpm . It works well with the manifold and charge cooler,  I will get a video clip soon,


One off cost is £625 + VAT

Group Buy price £590 + VAT , we need a minimum of 5


Let me know if your interested.




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That's great.


No requirement at all for a cat!


Would be nice to have a silencer that allows maximum flow but (just) stays within legal requirements (for track days). There are no noise regulations in Jersey, but don't want to attract unnecessary attention!


Only 1 minimal silencer, no cat adapter - half the cost?!!!!!!!

Hooligan at heart.

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Hi Neil , the cost for a single exit rear system is £700 + VAT for a group buy of 5. The increased cost is due to the tooling ware when forming 3" pipes and also the silencer will need to be allot bigger to keep the noise levels to below 100 dB's.


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Thanks Mark, I doubt there'll be 5 people that will want that particular spec.


Within "reasonable limits", I'd be prepared to buy on one off basis. Seems a shame to have the new manifold & then not follow through with a proportionally less restrictive exit path.

Hooligan at heart.

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Hi guys, just a bit of news ,  Alunox have just completed a full system for this original GT40. Alunox were chosen to carry out the work on this historic car due to their high level of workmanship and reputation in the motorsport business .  The car is being prepared to race next week hence the new system




The system is made of Inconel 625. It uses V-bands for the quick release of the silencers


The silencers are larger than the original due to noise restrictions




Well if its good enough for a Lotus, why not let the GT40 boys have some fun


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