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cheapest but good brembo discs?

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hi mark

unfortunately since looking for the brake upgrade i hade a boost problem so ive been set back.

steve at sj was going to do me the EBC ones front and rear with stainless brake lines for

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Dave if you are interested in the PNM then e-mail me. I may have a few ideas up my sleeve to save you some cash from their kits.

As for the EBC turbo groove discs, note that this is not really upgrading. It spending a lot of money for the same size disc but with slots and dimples in.

Dimples don't do anything as all they are doing is mimicing drilled discs which were designed to dispurse head from Asbestos type pads. Now we don't have these pads anymore, we only need slots which take the glazing off the pads.

The PNM and any other bigger disc is a proper upgrade. Also don't buy Green Stuff pads as they are awful. They leave lots of brake dust and are harsh to your discs. Use a different compound. I have used and would recommend hawk pads which are about the same price and EBC ones but are superior.

Iam getting bigger discs for my V8 which has the same brakes as yours. Iam only having them on for a couple of months until I get my disc and alloy bells. These discs will be availible if you want them ina few months time?

Hope this helps,

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Just finished doing the brakes on my Elise and I've used EBC disks and green stuff mainly because of the cost (Elise stops on 6p anyways). I got my parts from Couldn't recomend their friendly service more and they were also the cheapest I could find anywhere - the Elise turbo grooved disks came in at only

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Well recommended for the pre-brembo Esprit. Pretty sure the disc upgrades for the brembo equipped Esprit will be just as good! Worth the money to be able to stop!


Lotus Esprit World


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