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some real-life experience with my 'rolling laboratory'

Recommended Posts some may know, I'm not the one who fears to experiment with his car -especially if it comes to alternative liquid fuels for internal combustion engines.

So what can I say about this sheet there, I'm not sure that it is for real it was done just for fun in the break on a trackday event. There is no reference given to inlet temperatures on the engine itself, no MAP measurements on this test. All the effects of 'boosting without chargecooling' are not documented well..  

This means it is possible that the test result was simply 'configurated' by those guys, to be in exact order to the owners expectation..

-as I said as I was asked about the condition (to be not to optimistic) 

" ..from what it feels I expect to see around 300hp, think I can be happy to see at least that so far.." :)


Now see, is it my skills in calculation/estimation as driver and engineer, or just as the mechanic with years of worktime ?

..what I can say is -it is easy to spun the tires in first & second even if the car accelerates allrady, as soon as you push the pedal hard and hit the 3000-4000rpm mark .. no wonder that the clutch/clutch shaft wears that much on  my car with all those Nm available :D


(My car once years ago, prior to my own engine rebuild, with factoryinjectors and stock old wastegate capsules even with stock air ckleaners it was on a test too .. and with a peak of 60°C inlet temperature [this time precise measured with ECM] we could only see 325hp and the ignition-timing 'cut out' /retard on the topend, related to the safety characteristics of the stock ECM programming the engine was just on factory given power level)


..the setup for the trackday testrun in Oschersleben last weekend was as follows:

8 x 380ccm(max) main injectors -Bosch type   , injector ports Nb.9& 10 blocked

fuel-pressure level is so far as stock, or 'little lower' the secondary fuelpump does not offer full power (this one leaks slightly)

(380ccm is to much I feel, also seen from pure mathematics, this will even cause more A/F irritation if  I manage to sort out the pressure drop on the secondary fuelpump I guess to see a nice clean power level slightly above factory specification I will need a more precise injector mapping/injector concept change  ..and for full use of performance under all engine temperatures a good ECM recalibration with different ignition timing characteristics would be the best way to be still on the safe side) remapping in the ECM (no fault set in terms of 'lean condition' )

..boost set to around 0.9bar overboost on max (that is just the highest level you can do without to see a fault code) -done with aluminium wastegate capsules and the stiffer springs

..stock turbos, and no charge cooler layout

..heads not ported, no preparation done on the combustion chamber

..exhaust as stock (SE/GT stock box, repaired/refilled many times) -no sports exhaust 120mm-diameter  '200cell type' metal catalyst each side, fitted into stock position within the piping


..ohh -and a slightly sized brake :D


As I have told you some times in the past, fuel consumtion with this injector/boost/ fuel setup is at least 1-2L more on top of the factory given specifications (for motorway, suburban condition)   

[factory reference is 10L/100km for Autobahn-cruise in 5th, with peaks on 3800rpm-4000rpm with 150-170km/h speed from time to time you may know] the overall running cost are related mostly to your driving style and how often you use full boost (coupled with 'all on max. ' injector activation per ECM)  ..

The starting characteristic in summer is not different to pure petrol, in fall and colder seasons you will see lots of steam on startup  ..  starts below 5°C ambient temperature, especially in winter are a little tricky you can start but need to be patient (the ECM just can hold the idle, but there is not enough power to accelerate fromstand still -so you need to let the car idle from 30seconds up to a minute, until you can move  ..or it will stall !! )

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How many bhp does the graph show Gunter? My eyes aren't what they used to be!

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it was from a trackday on the GP-circuit Oschersleben(Magdeburg) last weekend

..and the max output is 'only' 305HP   ..a flat smooth curve with the  missing top portion of 50HP to be within 'stock'


Fuel was nearly E85 as from the station, all other details as above (OK, have to note the K&N replacement filters maybe) a side effect of the layout, the lower rpm (the one I use most) Nm-level causes some more stress than it is meant to be, it goes to around 463 Nm  !!


So 1/3/5 are the gears I use mostly  ..and I love the 5 just for the pure acceleration power that you have even in 5th gear in town  ..or on the motorway -no backshift for overtacing, but that is a thing the V8 does best anyway ;)

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