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hi guys, I have a 1981 dry sump esprit, with trunions, I finaly have the money to start doing various jobs on her before it goes in for a respray,, (still no sure wether to keep it blue, or put it back to its original white) with regard to suspension etc,, what have you guys done with it,, upgraded it? if so with what,, or keep as original, and use poly bushes etc,, and recommendations on shocks etc



additionally,, with regard to tyre pressures,, is 21 to the front and 25 to the rears correct? had to get the threaded valves changed today as one of them snapped, and the guy in the garage thought the recommended pressure is to low

1981 Turbo Esprit


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Best straightforward would be factory Bilstein dampers, you'd have to check if they are available for your car though. The later cars (not dry sump) can use the dampers designed for the Model Year 85 cars, I'm not sure about yours as the dsry sump cars sat a little lower by design.

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Pretty sure that poly bushes are a good idea - most seem to recommend them. 21 to the front and 25 to the rear is the original spec for the tire pressures but there has been some talk that more modern tires need a little more as the side wall designs are different - I would experiment a little and see how the car feels - they tend to be very sensitive to tire pressure so you will feel the impact quite quickly. I run mine a little higher than 21 and 25 - I think about 23 and 28 (I have continentals all round). Finally, I think Essex blue is an awesome colour but original spec cars tend to be worth more so depends what's more important really... 

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