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Top Gear - 458 Spider vs 12C Spider

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Just finished reading the Top Gear road test of the Ferrari 458 Spider vs the McClaren 12C Spider, two technological tour de forces costing £198k and £195k respectively. Here's an interesting quote - 


"Run a decent set of bumps, of which there are many on the roads around here,and the way the little McLaren taps lightly from one to the other is borderline witchcraft. A dancers gait. Not quite a Lotus Evora level of chassis balance over rough stuff, but not far off" (Emphasis mine)


Whilst this is not the first time I've seen such comparisons, they always bring a smile to my face, that this little outfit in the wilds of Norfolk, with virtually no money, can stand tall against such opposition, companies with massively more resource at their disposal and of course such an expensive final product. Makes me proud to be a Lotus owner.

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Shame though as in a way Lotus started off very much like Mclaren. From the driving roots side of things. They both took different paths, albeit at different times and make different decisions. Well will each eventually end up / becoming.

You could ponder :

- Perhaps years back if Lotus had the vision as Mclaren does now they would be in a 'different state' than they are now

- and Mclaren has only the future ahead to see what unfolds

I've had Lotuses new since ordering in late 96 and receiving in 98 the first elise. Loved that car. My last was the 2-11 and again I loved that car. I looked at what lotus has now and coming and it's not really there for me personally.

I have the Mclaren12C spider arriving in July after ordering June 2012 ( day of official announcement I think it was ) so I can give a view of those top gear comments

..... If Lotus had the new Esprit coming I would have considered that at the time as if memory is correct it would have been due 2013-2014 time

Either way the 12C spider sounds from all reviews about one of the top cars of the time now.

Partially excited!

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Did someone say 458?  :wub:

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Pfftt, 12C it is. See one regularly in the city. Lovely car.

Comment on Evora is spot on, although I cannot compare to the McLaren, but it absolute terms the Evora is absolutely stunning in the chassis department. 2 weeks of rough Scottish roads and you can go so quick despite all bumps and potholes.

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A guy I met has a 12c he said it rides pretty much the same as a BMW M5 not rock hard, but compliant.


you have to remember the 12c also uses some real trick suspension to achieve this, the evora is pretty basic in that dept

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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Just thinking out loud and wondering if ownership by large corporations without a clear plan had a negative effect on Lotus fortunes over the years?

Maybe, of course,  it would not be here without them,


I havn't googled McClaren, but dont seem to recall any great 'takeovers' over the years so one assumes they would have had more control of their aims and aspirations maybe.


Lambo did alright mind you from a takeover! Do Fiat still own Ferrari?


Oh sod it, Ive just talked myself out of my original thesis!!

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Haha. Maybe. Maybe not.

Perhaps those years back Lotus could have been what Mclaren is/is becoming ...... Will down the road mclaren be bought/sold ..... Will lotus to again under the right circumstances ....

It's good to read that TVR may be back. Back as what though.

For where I am Lotus and TVR owners tend to be at the same events ...... Enthusiasts ...... With the Odd smattering of fezza's (older rather than newer) .... And some lambos ..... Mclaren new to the scene but seen at this time as the engineering/sensible set of wheels as opposed to the friendly put 'hooligan' lambo and 'poseur' fezza.

What ever happened to the evora open/targa roof that should have come through ...

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