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Yet another SE returns to the road

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I have been away for a while, but I have been beavering away on the Esprit as well as other things. Esprit has had 2 and a bit years off the road, mostly due to me not being fussed sometimes with it and some non functioning chargecooler issues, both now sorted.

Just off to Lemans in the morning, but thought I'd remind some of you of the car as I have been away for so long.

Last time I had it on the road I did make it to my mates house near Hethel, so had to do the piccie bit - Gate guy stopped the traffic for me. top man.




Also found out a while back about it's previous history. Interior parts are all marked "show car" on the back. How strange I thought.....found out from the factory it was built for the Earls Court Motorfair stand in 89, when the M100 came out. Then came into contact with a most interesting chap who seems to like taking pics at Motorshows, he sent me these - 








Some stories to tell soon of the latest bits i've fixed, but must pack for LeMans.

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Thought I recognised your plate in the pics from Newlands!

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Well done Pete and welcome back.. think I prefer the original wheels on it as I prefer stock stuff, but the S4 wheels do make it look more modern.

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Bumped into Pete at a little car show on Sunday. Great to catch up and the SE was looking lovely.


We managed to park next to eachother then a Testarossa parked next to me. Made the Esprits look positively skinny!


Have a great trip to LM!



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Le Mans was epic and I'm knackered.

Really gutted for the Aston team and the drivers family, who lost a great guy.


Chief problems with the car were a non functioning charge-cooler plumbing system due to a big air lock -


After taking advise and using some common sense I have moved the electric pump to where the dead air horns were, right next to the radiator inlet, at the very lowest point, made a wiring loom up to power that, flushed and de-scaled the pipes through front to back, checked there's good flow and no obstructions, fitted a small flow indicator, the carefully filled the system.

As soon as the ignition is on now, the little indicator whizzes round now with no bubbles in sight, but it took an age to get all the bubbles out. Parked it downhill on the drive to get the charge-cooler at the highest point, that helped.

Now from a cold start in the garage, the MAT is at ambient, as I have a calibrated K type thermocouple in the inlet plenum, then out on the road it is a few degrees warmer, and all importantly after some sustained boost, it drops swiftly back down to a few degrees over, something that it did not do well before...

Hit it hard round to 1.25 bar and have seen 35 deg on the MAT, no more. It has never gone that well before. Cost me 3 points though....


Then have been underneath double checking the suspension angles and bushes, some adjustment required there and now that is superb also.


Also having long lobbed the std tinny exhaust/EBPV/empty CAT set up that the car came with, also tried and lobbed a "sports" stainless system which was horrible in every way, I have just added a second short 3" silencer to my home made exhaust system I built a few years back, which is now just about perfect. Was a tad too lairy before and it was stopping me driving it to be honest. It is still quite fruity on boost and a little pop and bang on the over-run, but now I can go out early in the morning with the roof out and still hear the radio if need be and without people shouting at me from the pavement, but it still lobs out decent flames on the over-run if required.


What to do next - 


The big brakes are still epic and definitely required now more than ever, they even better to use now the front toe is spot on. One used to lock quite easily if provoked. Maybe a refresh of the fluid soon,

Have got some R+B coil-overs to fit at some point but not at the moment while we have niceish weather,

Steering column bushes seem to be utterly shot, MOT man he had seen worse but I think he was being kind..maybe do that in the winter too.

Keep feeding the leather and maybe get round to some minor paintwork correction soon.

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