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I don't appear to have the usual problem with an Otter switch failing as it would appear that the fans actually come on as soon as my ignition switch is turned to the first position and then stay on rather than fail to come on.


I appreciate that this 'fail' is better than the fans not coming in at all but does anyone think it could be anything else or have experience of the Otter switches ever failing in the 'ON' poisition?


Car is a 1980 S2 with 45000 miles and very original. The fans have not always done this so something has changed


Also, fans are sometimes squealy when running - is there a clever way to lubricate things in-situ?


As always, thanks for any help that's forthcoming



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Pull wire(s) off the switch to ensure nobody's rerouted the feed.  A short is always possible!


You need to check where the squeal is from - motor, or blades contacting anything?  Lubricating won't help the bearings, so you'd need to replace.

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I believe Fiest MK1 fans are a replacement size.


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Far be it for me to contradict the esteemed Mr. Clark....but you can lubricate the fans! A can of spray "3 in 1" applied through the applicator tube to the bearings will sort out the 'orrid screeching noise. Requires grovelling and jacking up for access. I last did it in the car park at Halfords in Staines.....(!)


If the fans run continuosly, check that the fan relay hasn't welded itself to the "on" position!!

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