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I had checked with Holloway a few months ago, and he has sold his last kit earlier this year.  No plans to make more.  I ended up going with the GTO Racing kit instead.  Good luck in your search.

Stu Calgary Alberta ' 69 Plus 2 '0 0 Esprit V8

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The kit was 2,634 GBP including ~100 GBP shipping to Canada and 290 GBP for a spare (good used) synchronizer and sliding hub.  I bought these as we did not know what my gearbox internals were like prior to tear-down and the shifting quality was poor. I ended up able to get a new synchro from a NA supplier anyway, so the one from GTO is spare. 


I also had a Quaife LSD installed at the same time, but the tech in Vancouver had one in stock so purchased separately.  GTO can supply the LSD though. 


Delivery took a while.


Best of luck finding a Holloway.  I heard a few leads on a kit but was unable to get one.



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Stu Calgary Alberta ' 69 Plus 2 '0 0 Esprit V8

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i fitted a gto gearbox with lsd last wont be disappointed it is superb allthough its not cheap. you can use power with confidence and gearing is so much better, more so with 4th and 5th......worth getting the lsd too

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