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Rear Bumper

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Hi Guys,


So last week I asked a few of you about the rear bumper on my federal S1. Its supposed to be soft foam with a thin vinyl cover but mine is hard, brittle and cracked in a few places. So I sanded it down a bit to see what I would find. It seems like a previous owner fiberglassed and painted it and as it aged the fiberglass became brittle and cracked.


So in light of the fact that ordering a new bumper will take months I've decided to use Bondo fiber filler to patch the holes and smooth the exterior. Its got fiber glass strands in it and I think should do the job well enough until I can get a proper replacement. I would have just put it back on as is until then but as more and more of the cars other problems sort themselves out I think I may be able to get it on the road this summer but that requires passing the Quebec road safety inspection and that obviously requires a bumper.


Here are some photo's I took of what I discovered after sanding it. Notice that one of the bolts has broken loose, my plan is to drill fingers into the soft foam and fill them with epoxy so that when I epoxy the bolt back on it won't just rip back out of the foam like it has already.


Brian M.

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Quick update on my bumper restoration efforts. So after quite a few coats of fiber bondo and body filler we got the bumper to quite a reasonable state, I'll be replacing it in the not too distant future but for the moment it sure looks a lot better, just don't touch it = )


Pictures of the work





Brian M.

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Even brand new, our NA bumpers didn't even come close to the finish of the euro. Did You order original foam bumpers or you'll ne switching to the more esthetic euro ones?

On a car more than 25 years old, nobody in the authorities is going to cause you any problems.

Good job with the old ones.

Any chance to see you on the road soon ?

Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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Hi Luc,


I haven't ordered any replacements yet, I need to investigate all the options, but I'd like to keep original with federal style bumpers. I've just had an appraiser look at it so I can get it insured before taking it to get the mechanical safety inspection. Should be on the road within a few weeks but no guarantees.


Brian M.

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