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parts required


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i intend to replace the dizzy cap, rotor and ht leads, i have got some new platinum spark plugs, do i have to have specific ht leads from the cap or are off the shelf quality ones OK?

haven't had time to look through SJ sports catalogue yet as I'm busy with me head in the parts list and manuals, studying up on my car.

should i be thinking about replacing the fuel pump and water pump while im at it? i also intend to replace the thermostat, drop the radiator and fans, strip and clean them , fit new brushes etc and re-fit after a clean and re-coating.

also can i just pull the cooling system pipes out and replace with new high pressure pipework? after 23 years i think they could do with replacing now.

any other suggestions would be great, i intend to do this lot over the next few weeks.

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Hi Simon,

Everything you listed there is an easy job apart from the water pump this is a pain to get off without removing either the engine or the engine surround.

As per HT leads i have the magancore leads from sj on mine and although they are probably overkill for road use my mentality is do something right and then dont worry about it again!

As per hoses i think you can get a match for vertually everything from samco.

when you come to fill the cooling system give me a ring and i will talk you through how i do it as it is incredibly easy to get an air lock on these.

Other stuff to do might be worth just quickly checking all the resistances on your ignition system there is a set of tests in the manual that you can quickly run through to make sure the coil and everything else is working.

thats all i can think of for now.


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prehaps i may just get a new distributor as well, just replace the unit. i really want to get the damn wheels off but i still havent had the whell locking nut key from the previous owner yet.

so i may just get it removed tomorow and get a new type locking nut and key system, that way i can get to the pads etc and check them over and clean things up.

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Simon, I think it would be a wise move to install a new or rebuild the existing water pump (unless you have definate proof it was changed not to long ago.

It is not an easy job (unless you are pulling the engine anyway)

I use the NGK BP6 ES sparkplugs with no problems.

I also went with the original NGK plug wires as well.

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