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Warning tell tale light module

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Started the rebuilt engine for 1st time 4 weeks ago all fine no tell tale lights run to fans running temperature.  Fitted dash back and interior plus loads of other stuff. Started the engine today and got oil pressure , fan fail, low screen wash!!! and hand brake lights still on after engine running.   Turned off the engine after 10 seconds ( oil light got me worried).  However oil pressure gauge was 2.5, I know the fans ( all new) ran fine last time run up to temp, I don't have a screen wash probe and the brake light switch was fine last time.  All these run through the tell tale warning  module  however is it the module that's US or something else I have missed /knocked etc. 


Any ideas??? Its  a 88 Stevens n/a so this module is about as fancy as the electrics get on it.

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Sounds like some thing's been disturbed. Very occasionally mine decides to do the same (i.e. stay in lamp check mode) but a quick cycling of the ignition key fixes it.

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Problem resolved with thanks to PNM.  The imobilizer was feeding back via the warning tell tale and the interior delay module.  The solution was to trigger the imobilizer via a relay rather than the starter crank wire and the door switch.    

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