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Ownership of No 27 and the other 54 of 55 total Sport 350's

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I believe the new owner is called Andy,  My friend Chris had a message saying you had bought his car.   The telephone number given does not work.!


I ran the sport 350 register for about 8 years, but the UK numbers are so low now, no one seems very interested any more.     Any way I have No 26 in white and it's Bonkers Wild.


If you Andy or any other V8 owner is seeking advice or data/dna ref the Esprit V8/ Sport 350 then please mail me at [email protected]


 Having owned V8 Esprit's for some 15 years now and working on just about every part, uprating modifying etc .... my back ground is ex RAF (Autospark) .


I would like to point out there was 55 cars built which includes No 00 which was the prototype.

8 cars were built for the USA market. 4 black 4 silver. One black car was Destroyed

4 cars were originally destined for Japan, which then became 8 cars, I believe all silver.


At this time I believe there are only 15 Sport 350 models left in the UK. about 3 cars have been destroyed.


Think it's now 2-3 cars that went to New Zealand one to Australia, the rest went to Europe.


Colours...UK.... Two Monaco White customer cars. Three Metallic Black One plain Black  ex factory cars and One Steel Blue ex factory car. The rest were  all Silver.

have a nice day.. Rob C


[email protected] or 07976 609881

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So who have the UK cars and are they on the forum ???

Rob, you have 26

27 has changed owner to Andy ??

I have 16

Trevor has 11....I think

No 18 in blue is up for sale

only 10 to find, how hard can that be ?????

Dont worry,be happy.............

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dave (oneshot) has one in silver, unsure of the number though

car 00 (which I nearly bought ) is now owned by the chap who I believe was the 2nd owner (pistonheads did a story on it)

There were another 2 silvers being sold by dealers at silly money

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I did know where most of the 55 were... I have the Factory data that tells me the engine/ vin no /colour/  info.

Fact is the factory allocated 50 plaque numbers, for the UK cars only.  you could choose a number when you bought a car if it was still available. the USA cars are listed 1-8 the cars in japan have UK plaque numbers, which I know.

  So Lotus actually asked me to check the plaque numbers against the chassis/vin data which I have done.


Lotus never kept a record at the time of who had what plaque number, I gave them the data a few years ago.


 Ok you have 16 Martin, that is vin 15744. please e mail me your reg, unless you prefer not to.   I have most of the records from new, even the change of ownership. Chris you and I used to chat a good few years ago, your last car was a V8GT.  not standard from memory. 

         My car is a sound 500bhp any time, think last Dec was maybe around 540 in the cold.      Warning to you guys thinking of going in my direction, it will brake things. Examle Radius Arm "Poly"  mountings are very weak, I ripped a pair to bits in 4000 miles. Would advise buying the rubber ones from JAE in the USA.

       My AP clutch to most owners would seem messed up, its so dam heavy, which does not help my naf  leg.

10 years ago now, I went air born from being hit by a car. that was big news back in 2004 on Yahoo.  To be honest it was then in about 2006/7 the focus for me to get me back on track, Building cars and have some thing to do.


Best part of my car is the 6 speed dog box, the 5 speed is naf in comparison, its geared for over 200 mph now......changing from 4th to 3rd, no clutch... 50 mm in a blink.     deploying all the toque in any gear any time is so over whelming.

From a 140 cruise in 6th gear it pushes you hard into the seat, my pal would verify that.

   Lastly the parts lots of wogga wogga, would I do it again, dam right.   Grin Factor warp 10.

PS who is DAVE (one Shot) ?

[email protected] or 07976 609881

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hi guys, I'm the Andy discussed above!  Yes, I now own number 27.  Reg is SV51 FEG.  Mileage is 15920.  Car is in great condition.  yes, I did call Chris.  Any way I can get in contact with Chris?  I'd really like to talk about the history of the car.  cheers

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