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Location of Aircon fill valve?

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Can anyone advise on where I can find the valve (or whatever it's called) on a 2010 Evora NAS to recharge the aircon? I took it to a certain friendly highstreet garage chain yesterday who pride themselves on their quickness of fitting, and despite using torches on their mobiles and going on google, could not find the valve. 


Thanks in advance,



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Not sure if I am having A/C problems as mine wasn't as cool last night. Reading the manual, it says that ambient temperature must be 3 degrees higher. I'll see what today brings but might also visit that well known high street establishment too! Now I know where to look it will be easier.

To avoid confusion when I arrive, what's the gas and oil capacities for the A/C system?

I know the gas is 0.625KG

Is the oil as follows:-

Condenser 30cm3

Evaporator 30cm3

Pipework    10cm3

Receiver-drier 30cm3


So I make that 100cm3, right?

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I've just checked the service notes and it says that the connectors are in the right hand front of engine bay?

This obviously contradicts the above?

Can someone please help?






David Walters

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Mind you don't break the mudflap metal bracket when bending open the arch liner. Most are rusted and break.


Mine did and was replaced. Good idea to paint them with the usual stuff to prevent rusting. Ditto for the metal brackets in the front of the wheel arches that hold the oil coolers in place (the brackets are there on both the NA and S models).

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Mine's all nice and cold now! It certainly needed doing.

I am going round car copper slipping all the bolts and screws as I go along. This will be on my 'to do list' along with front under tray and front splitter.

With regards to location of ports, I'll take a photo tomorrow and post on here for future reference.

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