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Random car and/or Lotus related pictures and videos

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Just going back to that pot holes post. I was driving the family back down South in my Passat from a week’s holiday in York on Saturday. Having endured abject misery with people consistently crashing on the M1 Northbound a week before, I elected to return via the A1(M). The traffic was fine and progress steady at 70 mph. Suddenly there was an almighty bang as the right hand side of the car crashed into a pot hole and rebounded off its suspension bump stops. In well over 30 years of driving I have never experienced anything like it, particularly on a key UK trunk road. The same thing must be happening to vehicles on that carriageway every few seconds. Scary.

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Very impressive! It's clear the bigger engine aren't as well suited for higher rpm, and the structural integrity becomes a problem. He could have cheated and fixed the engines to a frame, but this gives a much better idea if the forces at work.

I wonder if he deliberately chose a flat plane V8 (more Lotus content there!) or just because of ease of construction. I know I had to modify some pieces to make a cross plane V8 and had even more problems getting a suitable crank for a V12. Mind you, back then I had no idea about the difference between flat plane and cross plane, I was just trying to get each cilinder to move differently.

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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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