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Is that a lotus? Erghh? ..... No that's a sheet metal lotus body ... - Lotus / Motoring / Cars Chat - The Lotus Forums Jump to content
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Is that a lotus? Erghh? ..... No that's a sheet metal lotus body ...

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Ohhh of course it is. Head scratched .....

Autoguide of the USA I find is one of the better car news sites. It just puts articles without the writers tinged slant or own view ....... They sometimes write up a few boo boo's .... This takes takes the picnic basket

The other positive is the site gets fewer lame-ass comments from Internet trolls and nobodies ...... There is one comment after this article

Metal bodied Elise ..... Classic

All the same interesting Renault and caterham use this non-sheet metal body .....

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I'm not sure a sheet metal Lotus would retain any of the qualities that it's famous for!! 

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The co-developed Renault/Caterham Alpine revival has been spotted testing while wearing a Lotus Exige body.

Seeing a prototype disguised as another model is not a novelty in the automotive industry but when the borrowed clothes are from a different and unrelated car manufacturer it's a bit special. Seen here is a mid-engined two-door coupe with French license plates which will be sold both as a Renault and a Caterham.

From what we know so far, Caterham's version will be significantly cheaper than the Renault-badged model. Powering the cars could be a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine rated at up to 300 bhp (224 kW). There are also talks about an F1-derived KERS system but nothing is certain at the moment. We assume there will be differences in output between the two cars, specifically the Renault will be more powerful.

A concept of Caterham's Alpine (will have a different name) is expected after next year's Geneva Motor Show so most likely it will be unveiled in April of May 2014. Planned to rival the Porsche Cayman, Alfa Romeo 4C and Lotus Evora, the Caterham model will look "distinctively British" and will be immediately recognizable as a Caterham. Renault's version "won't be more hardcore than a Mazda MX-5" but at the same time won't be soft, according to firm's marketing chief Stephen Norman. The Renault Alpine is scheduled to go on sale before the end of 2015.



2015 Renault/Caterham Alpine with Lotus Exige body spy photo 17.07.2013 / S. Baldauf/SB-Medien




I think it's fast enough…maybe

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