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Hazard Switch Schematic

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The quote below is from Don Tingle on how the pins are connected in the hazard switch. My switch doesn't work and causing strange things to happen. Using this description we are going to try and figure out what's going on with the switch and hopefully come up with a solution that can help a lot of us G-car owners.

"There are two versions of the hazard switch, one "early" and one

"late". Nobody seems to know how to replace one with the other.

Early switch, 79M6063: There are six pin locations, all of them occupied,

and two switch positions. With the switch UP, the following pins are

connected: 1-2-3-4. With the switch DOWN, the following pins are connected: 5-6.

Late switch, 75M6213: There are eight pin locations, seven of them

occupied, and two switch positions. With the switch UP, the following pins are

connected: 1-2-3-4 and 6-8. With the switch DOWN, the following pins are

connected: 6-7. (Pin location number five is unoccupied.)"


'83 Turbo

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I only have one switch listed for the Turbo Esprit in my parts book, B079M6063F

Are you trying to adapt one from an later (stevens) car?

Are you sure all the wires are in the correct positions (as per the diagram) and the flasher unit is working OK?

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Hi Wayne

The wiring is still somewhat of a mystery on the car. It came with two hazard switches so I'm sure some PO had issues in the past with the switch. I did buy a new flasher unit and that has not fix any of the problems.

Is the wiring connected correctly??? According to the schematics it is.

These are my symptoms.

1: Hazard switch off - I have no turn signals, on the dash or the lights.

2: Hazard switch on - I have turn signals but I can't turn the engine off with the key. I can remove the key and everything is still running.

3: Hazard switch on - Everything (fuel pump, radio, wipers, etc) is on or can be turned on but I can only crank the engine with the key.

The problem is either in the switch or the wiring is off somewhere in the circuit.

Wish us luck.


'83 Turbo

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Old thread but an interesting one. I have sorted what were faulty switches in my S2, discovering how corrosion works to make them faulty. The hazard switch is at the centre of complex lighting circuits, which is why owners correctly trace strange lighting faults back to it. With age, corrosion will arise where the round connector pins interface with the copper contact plates, a point which does appear serviceable at first glance and will make the switch useless if not repaired. With nothing to lose in the instance of my faulty hazard switch I was able to extract the pins via carefully applied light hammer taps, making certain the plastic case was well supported. Once removed I was then able to clean both pins and plates to full connectivity and restore a usable switch. Just a little careful time on the bench vise, minimal materials needed and an irreplaceable switch restored. 


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I addition to the corroding contacts, the hazard switch is known to  break contact rockers, which affects the turn signals routed through the switch.

The switch is easy to disassemble, and Shapeways lists a nylon printed replacement, but it's hard to find on their site.



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I ordered one, and it looked OK when it arrived, but I've chucked it in the spares bin until my present one that I made from a bit of Fiberglas expires.

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