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At Brands I had big problams putting power down and was overtaken by lots of the lighter stuff. Still, had some nice comments in general and the ones that meant most were about my car control so I must be doing something right ;-)


Anyway, I was at a sunny Castle Combe yesterday, it was the Grand Finals day or something and I raced in the last of the day, here's me having some fun with an Elise...



Awesome fun.

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Tremendous fun but I was soaked with sweat after. 


You can't really get a feel for the effort of the whole thing from the vid but the car is revving its nuts off and I was concentrating hard.


Started suffered the dreaded fuel starvation about 4 laps before the end so the yellow Elise was able to catch up. Better fuel planning needed I think.


Fair play to the engine, though, brushed it all off and I drove the car home after!


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Great to see an Esprit racing. In  the late 80's/early 90's I raced a modsports MG Midget and an old Formula Ford - mostly at Oulton Park. When I bought Lottie in 1990 I managed to convince those in charge to let me take my pal out for a couple of laps in her during the lunch break in a test day. On the short circuit she was good for around 1:13s laps (from memory) against the MG (1:11) and the FF (1:09). Since she spent a good deal of the time on three wheels, I concluded that an LSD, harder springs and better brakes would be a must if I were ever to race her!

Proud recipient of the LEF 'Car of the Month Award' February 2008

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: "Wow, what a ride!!"

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LSD and harder springs are on my wishlist, the Lotus stuff is a lovely ride but it wallows and rides too high by about 1.5 inches.


Brakes are pretty much ok as is, they are APs on the front and bite v well with good pads.


Might go with lexan windows and try to skim a little weight off elsewhere but the plan is to keep the car looking as standard as possible with an MOT, not a butchered all out racer. I was thinking a S350 style wing and front valance for a little extra aero...

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Just spent the day at Gorious Goodwood with the RAF MSA Festival of Motorsport, an event held every year to try and attract more people into thrashing their machines and grinning inanely.

The night before I travelled down in the pouring rain expecting to camp but was put up in a campervan instead by a kind fellow.

In the morning the weather held off and we set up stalls while the bikes did their thing on the track, conveniently drying the racing line in the process.

Drivers brief at 1200 was followed by a couple of slow 'famil' laps behind the pace car and then it was basically a track day format with passenger rides for the visitors, no more than 5 on track at a time!

Got some instruction from Goodwood's chief ARDS instructor John Powis almost straight away which was a great confidence builder having never driven the circuit. A top fellow who was far too complimentary about my driving.

Then it was out with passengers whowere chatty then went strangely silent once the tyres warmed up. I was by no means the fastest car there but the old girl certainly didn't disgrace herself.

There were some nice comments from people in the paddock and this made the day a bit more special, one person in particular said the Esprit was the best looking car there and many others were simply pleased to see her. A nice fella (surname Green?) with a red GT3 was parked up down the other end of the paddock and we chatted a bit. Nice to see another chariot of the same breed trotting about the place.

Spoke with so many people and met a few faces from previous days at Lyneham. Nice to catch up with them and I was able to give a passenger ride to an (very) old chap who served in 2 Para having done his jumps from a Dakota! His son was a retired Flight Engineer from my days on LXX Sqn and he was pleased as punch.

All in all a fab day and my Esprit kept her head high at least until the last lap when fuel starvation reared it's ugly head again. All those right hand turns...


Next event is the Birkett although I'm just helping the RAF MSA team, not racing. This will give me time to tweek a few bits over the winter period and recoup the finances which have taken a hell of a beating recently.


Pics to follow


Qwerty123, OUT!

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Bit of oversteer at Croft. This was at hawthorn where I'm accelerating hard in second and the I was told I held a nice drift right round the bend.

That's the LSD working it's magic really... 


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