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Just purchased Espirit S1- Barn Find- 20 years

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Just purchased S1 built in November 1977. It is titled as a 1978. I rescued it from a barn where it was stored covered and on blocks for over 20 years. It needs restored and it is all together except for the exhaust and oil cooler and I have both. I have owned dozens of European collector cars but this is my first Lotus. Looking for advice on where to get parts and any suggestions on upgrades that I will want to consider as I get it running and back on the road. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. We need to see some pictures....


Sorry I can't help with the technical stuff, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who can.



It's getting there......

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Welcome Travis. Looks interesting.....


Full forum member will get you the parts diagrams and you'll need the workshop manual also.


You will find a huge wealth of knowledge on here - I have been helped enormously and could not have managed without the forum for my resto.

Good luck!

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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JAE, Dave Bean and RDent will become your best friends. They are the source in the USA for parts for the Esprit.  I've detailed the bits I've done on my S2 Esprit at There's also links to the different parts sources.



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Hi and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of help and advice here. Hope she will be all sweet and sorted soon!




"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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Welcome to TLF Travis. :welcome:


Congratulations on the find and best of luck with it. No doubt you'll hear from Tony K on here. Bit of an S1 aficionado.

You should duck over to the Introductions thread and say hi in there as well.


Any questions or issues with using the forum, feel free to ask one of us mods. we're here to help. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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As barn finds go, that Looks in better condition than most. When you are some way along restoring it, I'd consider flipping the front bumper with a narrower European one, like Tony K has done. It's sitting at Federal ride height too, would be cool to drop it.

Good luck.

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