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FREE 1979 Lotus Elite 504 Bodyshell


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Probably a waste of time listing this but if anyone wants a FREE 1979 Lotus Elite 504 Bodyshell then please get in touch.


I have stripped the shell completely so nothing else included.


The shell has no accident damage so suitable for someone rebuiding an accident damaged Elite.


The V5, VIn and number plates are available by separate negotiation, however, no obligation, you are more than welcome to just take the shell.


Has to be picked up from Enfield North London within the next 2 weeks, threreafter it will be cut up and transported to the dump. I would have liked to store this as a future project but I don't have the room so it has to go.


You will of course need a trailer and I can help lift the shell onto the trailer, you don't even need a winch as it is so light.


Give me a ring on 07505664221 if you can make a commitment, I may be able to hold it a bit longer if you need time to arrange but if no-one makes contact by 18 August the shell will be cut up.





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I am the legal owner of the car, it can be argued that the ID remains with the chassis and if I sell the ID with the chassis it is perfectly above board, the body is a throw away item and can be replaced if accident damaged, hence anyone rebuilding their accident damaged Elite with this shell retains their own ID.


This is not a dodgy deal encouraging someone to clone a stolen Elite, it may happen to high end performance cars but we are talking about a car that is worth a couple of grand, wouldn't imagine too many of those finding themselves in shipping containers to Saudi Arabia.

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Doesn't the V5 go with the shell? I'm hoping it does(!) because i have changed the chassis on my car to an excel one but kept the identity as a 1979 eclat. The eclat chasis had no numbers on it, but the bodyshell has the vin plate with all the details.


The new chasis I took from a 1986 excel is itself a replacement 1990 chassis - also with no numbers, so the excel identity is (was) also dodgy if this is the case.


Isn't changing the chasis a bit like changing the subframe on a mini(?)


Not trying to stir, just hoping I don't get into trouble when I try to MOT my car!!!



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Hi Mat


No you are perfectly okay with that, anyone who knows the history of Lotus will be aware of the saga over chassis changes.


Early Elans were given a Q reg by DVLA when the owners informed them of a chassis change, the reasoning is, then and now, that the identity of the car remains with the chassis, however, Chapman successfully argued that the chassis was just a subframe and changing it would not necessitate an ID change.  That was a special dispensation for Lotus and probably other similar structured cars of the time, owners were given back their original reg and I don't think any retained the Q reg, I certainly have never seen one.


So yes the ID can be retained with the bodyshell and of course the VIN plate is mounted on the body, however, the original chassis does have a chassis number stamped on it and to notify DVLA of a new chassis number is asking for trouble, I doubt any of the original staff that were around in the sixties still work for them today, I believe Club Lotus still recommend that if you change your chassis get the original number stamped onto it to avoid any potential problems if the car has an insurance claim.


Current Lotuses such as the Elise must go onto a Q reg if the chassis is changed as it such an integral part of the original car, hope that helps.



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or it ends like this:



(yess people its a shame!!!)






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