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Cam Cover gasket

smit t

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I have no experience with them and no knowledge. I am hesitant to use them in an S1 because I am afraid the higher engine compartment heat will cook the rubber.

I have had great success with the "stock" black fiber gaskets sold by a lot of the parts suppliers, and using Mercedes-Benz "Surface Sealant" to seal them. I also cut out the three rungs as a precaution, as they are somewhat freestanding inside the cam housing.

Tony K. :)


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The ones I have used from JAE are black rubber rather than fibrous. They work fine as long as they are in the right place when you tighten down the cover.

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Does anyone know anything of these for gasket replacement???????



hi tom , check out click on esprit and you will find an article on fitting those exact gaskets. thats what i'll be using on mine.

regards shane

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