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Somethings rotten in the State of Denmark, sorry Canada.

Roger 912

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Something should be ringing alarm bells with the "strangling" of two young boys in Canada by an African Python as it just does not make any sense at all.


Firstly, an African Python will bite its victim to get a good hold before coiling its coils around the torso. This would have given ample time for the first boy to cry out and wake the other. It does not constrict the neck, but the torso stopping the diaphragm from expanding and contracting the lungs. 


Secondly, a Python does not kill for killing sake and would only attack one victim.


The victim would have teeth marks on the body somewhere and once the snake has fully constricted its victim it will set about opening its jaw ready to swallow said prey.whole. This would take an hour or more and the snake produces copious amounts of saliva to lubricate the swallowing process .


The snake would not constrict one victim and move on to another, it is not in its makeup.


I just hope that this killing of two young boys is investigated fully.


I believe the snake is totally innocent.

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I see that the coroner is saying it is now being treated as a homicide as there were no bite marks on either of the children from the python.


Hope the truth will out .

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My daughter has a reptile park here in Plettenberg Bay with many pythons,both the African and the Burmese as well as some hybrids, crosses between the two species. I believe that this has only ever happened twice before.


The Burmese are very docile and these are the ones that many people have as pets. The African Python is exceedingly dangerous and my daughter has had two encounters with staff and Pythons. The first was with one of the workers who was cleaning a cage and did not watch one of the hybrids that was up in the roof. It latched on to his face with its teeth and as quick as a flash coiled its 4 metre long body around his torso. One of the African workers rushed up to my daughter and she got the African to get hold of its tail and walk away unwinding the snake from the worker. The final task was to get a wooden spoon and prize open the mouth of the python to get it off of the workers face.


Exactly the same thing happened to the son in law who was zapped by one of the hybrids. On occasions they can be like the Burmese and their docile nature takes over, but on occasions their African attitude takes over and they become aggressive. Fortunately, whenever one of the workers go into the cages for cleaning, a second worker is on standby just in case. 


The daughter also has some Albino Burmese pythons. These would never survive in the wild but in captivity survive well and make wonderful pets. The one, called snowy, is close to 5 metres long.

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