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Valet parking an Esprit

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This weekend, we are going to a posh hotel where there is valet parking available. 


Anyone had experience of this in an Esprit?

I mean are there too many 'do this',  'dont do that' elements involved?

EG removing the key by pressing the little button; locking the doors with a different key. Maybe thats it.


Its the Chester Grosvenor so they will be spot on with some very fancy cars no doubt. I guess I just need some reassurance it'll be OK. 

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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Personally I'd just knock up some simple instructions covering the basics. Print it out on a single sheet of A4 and hand it to the valet with a tip (is £10/20 enough for them to take care of your pride and joy?)

1) to remove the ignition key reach under the steering column and feel for a button.

2) to lock the door use the smallest key

3) to start the car (from cold) pump throttle twice and turn key. Should start fine.

4) the door needs to open quite wide so don't park too close to a wall or other car

5) I've seen ferris beullers day off and have noted the mileage :)

Please look after my baby. Thanks

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Personally I wouldn't let anyone do it! I'm sure your car won't look out of place though.... We went on the first part of our honeymoon to a posh hotel in the new forest that at the time was owned by Richard Branson. It had a great drive in/out entrance to the reception. The staff came running out to us to take our bags but I refused the offer politely to park the car. It was just like the bit in FYEO when he pulls up at the hotel in Cortina! Recall looking out of the window several times to check the car only to see a few people standing by the car having their photos taken! I felt like I'd won the lottery!..........especially with the lovely new Mrs Nello  :flower:  :love icecream:

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I nervously let them do it at Bovey Castle and it was fine. Bear in mind if its a posh gaff they are more than used to posh cars. The car park at BC is home to more Aston Martins than i care to think about, inc DB5 as well as the new ones, Ferrari, Maserati and more, in fact my car is one of the cheaper exhibits....but definitely the best looking

The only thing that catches them out sometimes is the handbrake. but its fun when they have to come and find you to ask how to release it.

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Well, just got back I needn't have worried.

It was race day at Chester yesterday so very busy indeed in town.

On arriving in the centre, chap at a manned barrier let us into the pedestrian area and warned the hotel to expect us.

On reaching the Grosvenor, we were ushered up onto the pavement right infront of the doors by the doorman. Car sat out front whist we checked in then they took it away for us (no hot start issues thank goodness)

Returned it this morning whilst we checked out. Perfect.


As per advice, I left the "idiosyncracies" note and a tenner tip.


Much much easier than trying to park myself and although it is not the most expensive car they see, it didnt look out of place and we felt very special indeed, suited and booted as we were.


My colleague parked himself and bottomed out his new F type on the car park ramp! We tried to compare clearances but no such info on the Jaguar website or car spec which is interesting. Lovely car though. Very jealous.

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"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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