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Crap.. Lost timing belt today while running... Now what?

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First I want to say thanks for all the help and advice you guys have given me during this ordeal. I will try to pay it forward with what I have learned.   She lives! The mechanic that built the moto

Well its out. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary looking at the places where the belt goes. Nothing out of place or anything that looks like it could have come in contact with it. Maybe it was

Sure didn't seem like it... I imagine I worked on it a total of 5 hours per day/evening (not including tool runs etc) so about 25 hours total? I did a lot of referring to other threads etc so I defini

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I actually missed it and put the belt back on, but it slipped as I tried to cheat and turn the engine with the tension loose, in taking the belt off I noticed the tensioner was not shinny ( not related ) so I happen to spot this while taking the tensioner off to clean it up

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I have a question

Do I need to disturb the head gasket to remove the camshaft box?

From what I can see it should be ok? Looks like the cam box has its own bolts with the head sat on studs?

I am just wanting to change the head to cam box gasket?

Is it a gasket or sealer?

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I am glad you have not seen a failure like it

I think the previous owner had a top end rebuild to sell, I know the valves were replaced but don't have a receipt.

I guess the garage broke it, believe the garage was family of the previous female owner.

I was really only after changing the belt as I had not fitted it myself, it's best to at least know when the belt was last changed.

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The cam towers are removable without disturbing the head.


That is part of the valve shimming process btw.


Use magnets on each tappet when removing the cam tower, otherwise you will scatter the shims all over the place and you won't have any idea where they came from, or where they went.


Before you remove the cam towers, take valve clearance measurements and write them down for each position, and save that data for when you put the cam towers back on.  You'll need to double check valve clearances and possibly have to move shims around or order new shims.


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@Vulcan Grey,

Hi Travis, (or any other knowledgeable guru)

Is there a specific reason for silicone rather than tread lock on the camshaft bolts?

Just about to fit a new belt having done the camshaft seals, and can't find anything about it in the manual. Remembered this comment from a while back before we decided to take the lump out.




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