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Good TVR rebuild thread!

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Don't know if anyone would be interested so thought Id post a link to it here.


I met this chap in a pub car park last night....Oh God that sounds bad! (Stay with me) It was a little classic car thing at Strumpshaw just down the road from where I live. Some nice old things there mainly TR3 TR4 & a TR5. Anyhow got speaking with this guy John and he tells me about his TVR rebuild and its on piston heads. Its a really good job and I found it interesting to see how the TVR is different and also very similar to our cars.


Something different any how.


My car ran really well there and back until I suffered the undignified return to base on the back of the AA truck! Loss of power  put down to a fuel pump that is no longer pumping fuel out of my pipe!


Good night overall though





"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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Interesting thread on the TVR rebuild although I'm too lazy to read all 30 pages.

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