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1981 LOTUS ELITE S2.2 RARE ALTAIR GREEN METALLIC. 65,000 MILES FULL HISTORY - Ebay UK - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content



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A quick turnaround / buck from this a few weeks ago in Hounslow? Amazing how much extra people will pay for a car with some nice photographs on a posh gravel drive!


Still perhaps the previous seller was asking to be robbed with perhaps the stupidest titled advert ever seen;


"Fantastic designed car for sale" :huh:




Only a few numbers away from the Bond Esprit  Turbo registration, so the factory car bit sounds right. Is Roger Putnam still around, didn't he go to Jaguar or something?


Could be a real looker with some work. BTW Guy the service book says it was serviced at Emblem Sportscars, where your red one was sold and maintained!

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Does anyone know the original advertised ?

Advertised price? Should say. Oops


It was on "Car and Classic" listed as offers, I contacted the seller just after it was sold and he told me that he sold for £700 as he needed the space, shows what a wash and polish can do, now at £1938 with reserve not met, already at way more than I would pay for it but good luck to the seller, with these cars they are worth what the purchaser is prepared to pay.



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A 2.2 with nice history and what looks to be a fantastic launch pad to achieving a mint Elite. As a bench mark, what would you be prepared to pay for Rogers black Elite?, I assume that car is somewhere up there as being as good as it gets. I cant help thinking that the so so low prices that these cars are achieving is almost a self fulfilling prophesy. If anyone who fancied an Éclat/Elite was to visit us here with a view to buy, they would very quickly conclude the cars where serious bad news as far as spending any money on them, which of course is a shame.

My Elite is now in paint and booked in at the trimmers. I cant wait to get it back and drive it. To me it will be worth the money which I know I will never recoup, well not in my life time anyway. I say this not to criticise anyone, just making a sad observation as to why so few of these cars will ever be saved.

My hope is that one day, they may replicate the fortunes of the Stag.

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I had a good look at the pics on this car, and the paintwork is at that borderline stage especially at the top rear above the glass.


If it can be saved with a mop and a polish and quick rub then respray of the shabby looking bumpers in satin black, then your well on the way to having a very presentable car. However, If it needs a respray, you'd be cheaper looking at another car as a starting point.

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  • Gold FFM

I have a nice Metalic Silver Excel listed in E Bay at the moment, a good honest car with loads of history, loads of watchers but no bids which I find a bit worrying as it is not overpriced and is in good honest condition with loads of history and MOT certs which proves the low mileage,. Thousands been spent on this car even the bespoke exhaust cost £1900. I have amended the listing to say that the first bid above starting price can have the car as I have no more room for storage and don't want her sitting about outside. Five Lotus is a lot of room plus my daily hack and a camper van. Don't want to tell the Mrs my monthly storage costs as she may get a little upset although she loves the cars. 


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Your car does look nice John. For some reason I had a lot of trouble selling my Eclat / excel at the beginning of last year. It was Gold in colour and almost perfect. I took just over £2k for it in the end and the car went to a buyer in Holland. I think it was down to location really. I was in Argyll at the time and people just weren't prepared to travel to see it. Go for broke and start her at 99p ;-)

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