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What could have caused this?

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Hi Guys,

As you can see the armature from my starter-motor is fried (this is not the worst of it) but I have no firm idea how this could have happened. On dismantling the starter-motor I found that three out of the four brushes were worn down completely, yet the fourth brush showed hardly any ware at all? I considered the possibility that the armature had been misaligned whilst running but there was no damage to the magnets around the casing and anyway both ends of the armature are set into guides?  I also wondered whether there might have been some kind of short circuit however all four leads on the brush carrier seemed fine with no discolouration and good continuity. I have done both a voltage and continuity test on the wiring and that seems fine too.


Has anyone else seen this sort of damage on an armature before and if so were you able to establish a cause? Whilst the unit is with a local specialist undergoing repair I would like to be able to prevent it from happening again.


As usual any hints on this are greatly appreciated.

Ps. Sorry for the poor quality photo


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Hi Travis,


I got the starter-motor back the following day fully repaired and operational, however the engineers could not explain how the fault could have occurred as the starter-motor should only turn for a few seconds at a time each start up. On reflection, if the dog gear had failed to disengage properly, then I think you may have been right, as if the three worn brushes were stuck in position it is likely that too much contact would have caused enough friction to melt the armature.


Guess work I know but it does seem plausible.




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