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Exige S clocks 7:53 at the Nordschleife!


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I knew the Exige S would finally get a Lotus in a respectable position on the Nordschleife times list!  It's just one second behind the Lamborghini LP 560-4 which I'd imagine costs a few pennies more ...

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Some real heart-in-mouth moments there, the driver must know it well. No heel and toe but his commitment more than made up for it. One thing's for sure though, I'd never have the nerve to give it that much over a lap, with those barriers just feet away, calling you closer at every corner, therefore I know now I'll never go under 8 minutes in my Exige. No way I'd be risking my life for a poxy low paid job at a car magazine either! So that's another career I can rule out!


I'm not sure I'd be able to give any feedback or driving impressions after a lap like that. I think I'd just be glad to get out alive!


Lotus: "So, jonny, what did you think of the new Exige at the 'ring?"


Me: "I'm alive! I'm alive! Hello birds! Hello trees! I love you all!"


Given the LP560's extra power really cuts chunks off the laptime up hill from Bergwerk plus an easy extra 20mph down the long home straight, this Exige was cornering faster to come home only a second slower overall.

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Manic & bonkers!!!  


there was a moment there I thought he was going to lose it  and  in the final straight which is so not a straight he just goes flat out and then he has this moment downshifting before realizing there's no need for it  and i'm like this could go pear shaped so quickly and he barely touches the brakes just lift of a bit.... And i'm screaming for my mummy.... You mad man!

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I read the article in Sport Auto yesterday, where it got rave reviews. Beat the hell out of the Cayman S, Audi TT and Nizmo 350Z which were tested a few pages further.


BTW the Nurburgring track was run with the DPM in Off-position (which probably explains some of the hot moments). Would have been nice to see a comparison with the DPM in RACE-position.

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Having spent the day at Silverstone today having finally had a chance to play with the DPM modes I can confirm that Race mode offers a HUGE advantage in slippery conditions, less so in dry conditions. But it does allow a less experienced driver to just plant the throttle and not have to worry about the rear tyres breaking away. Very impressive system.

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