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It seems to be a problem indentifying coolant loss (leaking liners) . Is it not possible to have the oil anylised rather than removing the sump and pressure testing the system?

You can also use a chemical test to look for exhaust gasses in the coolant header tank. Usually called a block test.

It is simple and quick to do. Buy the test equipment, warm up the car to open the thermostat, place the blue dye in the test tube (it has a gold catalyst), place the stopper of the test tube in the coolant tank neck, squeeze a bulb to draw air through the test tube. If the blue liquid turns yellow, then there are exhause gasses in the coolant.


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I guess you have elliminated the usual suspects such as faulty rubber gasket in the header tank cap, leaking hoses, split turbo coolant pipes (my problem) etc etc? Is there mayonaise in the oil filler cap? If it is clean then I doubt you have a major problem such as the liner sealant breaking down. Bear in mind this only happens if the engine overheats badly, as documented elsewhere. fyi, my V8, which hasn't had the liner upgrade, is now over 40k miles with no hint of a liner problem.

While I'm here, my coolant seems to have sand/grit in it. I noticed this before the last service and had the system flushed and refilled. But it's back and has clogged up the level sensor, again. Easy enough to clean out but where is this coming from? It can't be casting sand, left in the system from manufacture, surely not. Any ideas?

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