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new light combination on tachymeter

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had to replace the dashboard tachymeter, caus it stucked. Now... what was white is red and what was red is white. With the sun, it looks "piggy-pink"... horrible.


Take care in case somebody has to switch too. 

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guys. Forget it definitly. I think Lotus made a melange, my dealer has no idea what happened. But only in the night it is ok, caus the tachymeter is "heavy red". As soon as you drive the car in daylight, the red turns to "pig-pink-half-white-with-red-touch". It changes color every minute, depending how the sun shines in. It is a mess. 


If the color would stay (red techymeter) and white the outside infos, then it would fit. But the tachymeter is built on a white color base, so all other inputting colors do not fit at all. 


Driving at daylight appears like a total mess of colors into the "red aera"... so it goes from light red, to half red, to ivory. In fact: 

if the sun comes from the left, the left side is red and the right side is undefined.


I try to add another pic. 

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Sorry to hear its such a mess.

Hope the dealer sorts it out for you soon.



I think you are referring to the tacho and speedo tho - Terry and I are specifically interested in the LCD panel screens showing to odometer and water temp etc.   They look like white text & blue/dark background in your photo?

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I am talking about the tacho and speedo. 

The odometer and water temp are effected too. My dealer tried to switch the light anyway. It is not possible. The whole instrument is built in a whole, So mine seems to be wrong fitted... anyhow. The white on the water temp is ok, but the problem is the tacho. It is horrible. So either you keep the concept the thing was built or you cant use it. 

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Human beeing speciality: I drove now a week with the new display and I habituate the light melange... what to do now? leave it in the car or have it replaced? I am 50/50. The indipendent existence in cloros during the day has something special. The tachometer changes color every minute depending on how the outside light comes in. The pinkcolour is terrible, but always scraping off by red or white colors. brood over now....

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