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It would be great if we could get a few cars to this event on the 6th Oct.


I know it is late in the seasons and a few cars will be in hibernation for the winter but if we could get as many as possible to attend that would be fantastic.



Guys this meeting is very important for all car clubs in the North East of Scotland as the intention is to bring together people like yourselves who have a common interest in Classic, Veteran, Vintage and cars of distinction. This is why we hope to have as many of you in attendance as possible, this meet is a follow up from the one Gordon, Scott, John and wendy  attended a few months back and it would be good for Lotus to have a foothold in whatever way they decide to go.


It's not important if your car is parked up for the year the important thing is that we show ourselves as a club and by that I mean Club Lotus North East Scotland, The lotus Forms, Aberdeen Excel Owners and of course LEGS. I know that Gordon will be along on behalf of TLF and Wendy will be going for CLNES but please bolster the numbers by taking some time to show up, it would be very much appreciated




1.00 Start – 3.00pm Finish


1.30pm Vehicles to be in place


2.00pm Professional photo opportunity


Enter site via Gate 6


(access via road opposite Vale Hotel)


Light refreshments will be available in Events Control


Free entry into Museum


They are planning dedicated areas on site for clubs to park up. To enable them to draw up the site plan, they have ask us to invite as many of our club members as possible to attend this launch.


They have ask each club to nominate 1 or 2 vehicles from their clubs to take part in the photo opportunity as a separate area will be dedicated for this. They need to know the make/models and year of vehicles before hand.


We have to confirm numbers by 29 September.


If you are interested please add you name below and let me know via our club email address.




1 Mark Jackson

2 Wendy Walsh

3 Bill Mutch

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1 Mark Jackson ...     Details sent to GTM

2 Wendy Walsh ...     Details sent to GTM

3 Bill Mutch       ...      Details sent to GTM

4  Duncan Anderson  Details sent to GTM

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1 Mark Jackson ... Details sent to GTM


2 Wendy Walsh ... Details sent to GTM


3 Bill Mutch ... Details sent to GTM


4 Duncan Anderson Details sent to GTM


5 Ken London  Details sent to GTM


6 John Wham  Details sent to GTM


7 Bill Cardno no Lotus but attending

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Hi peeps, whats the chances of having more thanhalf a dozen of you brave guys and girls turn up for this meeting. It would be great if we could show loads of enthusiasm for our brand and would be much appreciated by Wendy and I as we want to promote more local input to the venue and maybe get more out of it by means of use of the track and all the other facilities. Please come along if you have a couple of hours to spare. Lets show we have more than half a dozen cars in our group after all 6 out of 79 members !



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Pity you couldn't get back for this John but we got a reasonable turnout representing NESCL. Usual suspects Ken, Bill and Scott with the Elise, Excel and Esprit respectively. Duncan was there with his Europa but we also got 2 x M100s, another Excel and Elise  S1. There was also a very rare Eclat Riviera but it was parked with another motor club.   The Lotus Seven lookalikes parked opposite us on the Alford track.


Our group was sandwiched between the Porche and Jaguar guys so not a bad corner for spporrts vehicles.  


Duncan's Europa represented Lotus in the marques photo then all the clubs' cars were photgraphed at the end.


Surprisingly, the weather held out so all-in-all, not a bad day

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