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100G and me ….. 30 years together

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It's the handbag that worries me! :lol:

Bibs....... surely you must understand.... just as the car was way ahead of its time, have you never heard of a Man Bag?

Get up to date man!!


Love those pics Gordon me old mucker. Showed the old man he distinctly remembers it as one of his highlights.

Meeting your Dad was great Kimbers. It was fantastic to hear a bit more about the very early days of the Esprit.


Don't know if you remember the charity auction but Fraser won a framed newspaper article about the Esprit launch that your Dad signed for him. He also signed one of the "fliers" that had been made up for 100G.

I will have to dig it out sometime but as i recall it was something along the lines of "A very rare and precious jewel in the Lotus crown" 

How cool is that  :unworthy: 



Hmmm 'loving' the fashion etc.  Maybe could be used as bribery currency in some parts of Aberdeen Ha, ha.


Bibs, the handbag and stilletos are a worry for me as well when seen out for a curry with him in Aberdeen!


When are you due to collect her and bring her home - the car! Not some of the women in your life.......................  Looking forward to seeing her in the GRP again and I'll pay more attention this time now I know the history.

Hey Al, i am in touch with my feminine side mate!...... and as far as i am aware, you have never seen me in white stilettos when we have been out for a curry, but if its a request......


The car is at Lotus Bits at the moment for some engine TLC but should be home in the next month or so by which time the new garage (renamed by Fraser and Sarah as the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center .....although i don't think its quite that big!) will be ready.

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Very nice story and many thanks esp for sharing all the interesting photos from the past!


Your story should send to everyone thinking of selling his Lotus for a soulless mass (even thinking of relatively low numbers for sport cars like P, AM,  Audi ) production car - of course the search for a "new thrill" (= other sports car) may attract a lot of people but your story is a very good example that a long relationship has its very own "special" attraction / just by the way: it is also very enviromental friendly in my eyes!


just my 2p


P. S.: want to see your car in 30 years again (also updates before , so in 29 years ...:-) -are welcome!)

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P. S.: want to see your car in 30 years again (also updates before , so in 29 years ...:-) -are welcome!)

Not too sure if I will be around in 30 years to post the pics but I hope many of the younger Lotus owners on here will be around to appreciate it in 2043.

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I came across these pics of the car from a photo shoot for a local newspaper in 2007.

The car had a cream leather interior in it at that time and Fraser was just a lad!








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Also found this from the 100 Esprit's event at Hethel.

Signed by Mike Kimberley......


"To Gordon - Thank you for keeping the "Jewel in the Crown" of Lotus in such a wonderful manner that makes Lotus very proud.  

Thank you Mike Kimberley 8th October 2006"




How cool is that :)

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Hasn't Fraser just turned 21?! 

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Hasn't Fraser just turned 21?! 

Yep... he was 21 on Monday

Currently has more interest in fast women than fast cars though!

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